Ayurvedic Treatments


In Ayurveda, the two main focuses are firstly to heal diseases and secondly, to maintain a healthy body.

Herbal Medications

Shamana Ayurveda

Internal Medicine Shamana Chikitsa is done after Shodhana Chikitsa or is used to treat mild conditions or mild imbalances of the doshas. This method involves administering herbal medications internally or externally to correct the three doshas.

Ayurveda Therapy

Shodhana Ayurveda

Shodhana means ‘to purify’. This is the most important Ayurveda therapy where the primary focus is on eliminating the toxins from the body. It is an internal purification process.

Purification helps in healing the disease and prevents its recurrence. It helps in maintaining the healthy state of our body. It is a time consuming and slow process but the benefits are more when compared to other methods of treatment. It helps in maintaining the equilibrium of the three doshas within the body.

Rejuvenating Therapy

Rasayana Ayurveda

 In Ayurveda, the two main focuses are firstly to heal diseases and secondly, to maintain a healthy body. Rasayanas are meant to satisfy the second condition and is a rejuvenating therapy. They are the wonder drug that helps prevent diseases, prevents aging and makes you active both mentally and physically. Rasa is the vital fluid produced on digestion of food that provides nutrition and immunity. Rasayana means to maintain rasa within the body.

Deeply Relaxing

Intensive Body Massage

The intensive body massage is a deep and vigorous massage and is the sure way to relax muscle tension, lure away the backaches and get rid of stiffness in the joints.  Deeply relaxing, the intensive body massage is perhaps the most advanced of the massages — going deep down into one’s very physical being to squash away the aches and pains.

Ideal during for those who need to rub away a especially painful time or after a hard or traumatic time. The intensive body massage is ideal for those suffering from rheumatism and its magical effects felt more after than during the massage.

Soothes the Body

Herbal Steam Bath

Herbal steam bath involves a process where herbal steam acquired in a traditional way using many different types of fresh and dried herbs.

The herbal steam soothes the body while the fresh herb fragrance soothes the very system during the time spent in the specially constructed chamber.

Luxurious Treatment

Herbal Water Bath

An herbal water bath is a luxurious treatment but is by no means cosmetic alone. The herb are handpicked and contains no preservatives. They come in the purest form – handpicked and hand washed. It is in a hot water bath made of these pure medicinal herbs that one has immersed.

The process helps to relieve tension, purify the system and give an overall sense of wellbeing. Besides absorbed by the skin, the goodness of the herbs also ensure a smooth functioning of all body systems. The nutrient-rich water nourishes the skin, preventing skin ailments while soothing the skin all the way.

Herbal Goodness

Herbal Inhalation

Herbal inhalation involves the inhalation of pure herbs – and the water in which the herbs immersed is free of chemicals offering pure herbal goodness. This steam helps dilates the respiratory passage and causes it to purify during the process.

Herbal Inhalation is a process of purification – making way for a sense of complete well-being associated with the smooth functioning of the respiratory system.

Stress Reliever

Warm Oil and Herbal Massage

This may sound like a pampering treatment, but the benefits from this massage is two-fold in that the oil and the herbs work in unison to give one a sense of complete well-being. This massage is carried out by two therapists – warm oil is rubbed all over the body and massaged well into the skin – then bags of warm rice flour is used to rubbed you down.

The warm press, coupled with the herbal oil already on your skin gives a double sense of wellbeing. The treatment is an ideal stress-reliever and eases all aches and pains – be they muscular or skeletal. It rejuvenates the skin and loosens the tight, knotty feeling all over the body.

Herbal Oil or Cream

Face Massage

The face massage involves the thorough treatment of the face with pure herbal oil or cream. This personalized massage removes all impurities and leaves no room for remnants of cosmetics or dead skin to remain. The oil- based face massage prevents premature ageing, dryness and wrinkles. The result is a cleaner, softer and younger skin.

Soothing & Relaxing

Head Massage

The massaging of the head the Ayurveda way is a soothing personalized massage using Ayurveda oils to suit one’s head type. The head massage offers the twin benefits of easing problems associated with the head and problems with one’s hair — as hair loss, premature graying, dandruff and other conditions. The head massage is relaxes, soothes and relaxes the whole system given the fact that the head forms the very center of our thoughts and our being.

Anxiety-free & Stress-free


The mysterious wonder of Shirodara ought to be experienced to believe. The very process of Shirodara suggests a relaxation. It is an unhurried process where wanii oil poured continuously from a bowl, which hangs above the forehead. Sometimes milk or buttermilk is also used depending on individual needs.

The steady stream of oil, milk or buttermilk flows through a single small hole at the bottom of the vessel. There process alone is an anxiety-free, stress-free and unhurried process. Shirodara is the ideal combatant of headaches, insomnia, stress, migraine, facial paralysis and mental disorders, especially depression.

Sucks Impure Blood

Leech Therapy

Ayush Ayurveda Kendra has recently started its Rakthamoksha Department where Leech Therapy treats many chronic diseases. Leeches are ‘worms’ with suckers on each end. Leeches can range in size from a half of inch to ten inches long. They are brown or black in color. Some feed on decaying plant material. Others are parasites, feeding on blood and tissue of other animals.

According to Ayurveda, the leech at first bite only sucks impure blood from the skin and only the pure blood left so it is a blood purification therapy. Later, when it starts sucking pure blood, the patient feels pain. Blood-sucking leeches suck your blood using two ways: they use a proboscis to puncture your skin, or they use their three jaws and millions of little teeth. They live just about anywhere where water is. But leeches are still being used to suck blood! The leech can remove any congested blood to allow normal circulation to return to the tissues thus preventing gangrene from starting.

Absorbs Toxins

Mud Therapy

Mud is an important element of nature with many important minerals that have positive impact on our health. Mud is capable of absorbing number of toxins from body that benefits the body in prevention of many diseases. A mudpack is advantageous in cold compress as it retains the coolness longer. Lastly, it is easily available and a cost effective treatment option. It also cools & relaxes the body with its moisture.

It involves application of natural salts and mineral rich mud over entire body (except head) to treat skin diseases like Psoriasis, leukoderma, Leprosy and other skin allergic conditions. Mud therapy relaxes the muscles, Improves blood circulation, Improves metabolism having positive impact on digestion; it is good for skin & hair, Relieves pain & inflammation, Loosens stiff joints too.