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වෛද්‍ය නෆිස්ඩීන්ගෙන් ප්‍රතිකාර අරන් අවුරුදු එකහමාරකින් විතර මට පූර්ණ සුවයක් ලැබුනා

Vitiligo can affect any part of our skin

මගේ දරුවා සුව කිරීම සම්බන්ධව මම වෛද්‍ය නෆිස්ඩීන්ට බෙහෙවින්ම ස්තුතිවන්ත වෙනවා

Ayush Herbal Steam Bath – ආයුෂ් ශාකසාර වාෂ්ප ස්නානය

Water Therapy

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Video: Vitiligo Lanka Ayush Ayurveda Kendra Profile English

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Cure for Psoriasis through Ayurveda

Thousands are affected by psoriasis and many go in search of English medical treatment. However, the Veteran Ayurveda Specialist, Doctor N. Nafeesdeen states that many are unaware that psoriasis can be cured only by Ayurveda, Sidhha, native medical treatment.

Here’s an account of Psoriasis according to Dr. Nafeesdeen of Kalawawa, Sri Lanka:

Person suffering from psoriasis

Person suffering from psoriasis

God’s unique creation is man. Skin is the most beautiful attire for humans. Through psoriasis, scales drop from the skin of a human body and is a disease that is in the forefront of destroying this beautiful skin.

Among skin diseases, it is dreaded and feared next to leprosy. In the initial stage of this disease, the head starts dropping dandruff like fragments and the skin begins to drop scales.  People mistake this to the dropping of dandruff. Although it does not look alarming initially, carelessness can make the disease spread all over the human body and cause blood to ooze from the skin. Continue reading

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